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    Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) offers a wide variety of tools (resources and activities) to facilitate the course delivery effectively. Online user guides are developed for staff to obtain the setup procedures and tips of effective course management in Moodle.

    The user guide includes three categories: 1) Course Administration, 2) Add Resource and 3) Add an Activity. You can view the user guides and/or brief explanation by clicking the menu button.


    Category 1: Course Administration

    Category 2: Add Resource

    Category 3: Add an Activity

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Uploading a File to Course

    2. Creating Turnitin Assignment for Similarity Checking

    3. Creating Discussion Forum

    4. Posting Announcement

    5. Creating Assignment

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  • Course settings

    User guides:

    Changing the display format from Topic to Weekly
    Changing the number of sections in a Moodle course Click to view the video 0'40"
    Adding an additional section in a Moodle course Click to view the video 0'52"
    Setting the course's availability to students
    Re-arranging the section in a Moodle course Click to view the video 0'40"
    Changing the section name in a Moodle course Click to view the video 1'01"
    Adding an Online users block in a Moodle course Click to view the video 0'43"

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    • User management

      User guides:

      Adding sit-in student(s) to course
      Creating course group in Moodle
      Downloading a student email list
      Viewing course participants

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      • Post Announcement

          User guide:

          Posting an announcement in Course Announcements

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          • Course content reuse

              User guide:

              Importing course content from one course to another in Moodle


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              • Moodle mobile app

                  User guides:

                  Moodle mobile app installation (for Android system)
                  Moodle mobile app installation (for iOS system)
                  Support by Moodle mobile App version 3.1.1 click to view the document

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                  • Email

                      User guides:

                      Adding a Quickmail Block
                      Click to view the document
                      Sending email through Quickmail
                      Click to view the document
                      Viewing, re-sending emails in Quickmail
                      Click to view the document

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                      • Book

                        What is Book?

                        • The creation of multi-page resources with a book-like format, including main chapters and sub chapters.
                        • Contains media files and text. 
                        • Useful for displaying large amounts of information. 

                        Why Book?

                        • Allows teachers to present information in a well-structured and user-friendly format.

                        User guide:

                        Creating book chapters to a Moodle course

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                        • File

                          What is File?

                          • Refers to course resources (e.g., a picture, a pdf document, a spreadsheet, a sound file, a video file...).

                          Why File?

                          • Enables teachers to upload and display a variety of resources to students.

                          User guides:

                          Dragging and dropping a file to a Moodle course

                          Click to view the video 0'33"

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                          • Folder

                            What is Folder?

                            • Used for organizing files.

                            Why Folder?

                            • Easy for the collection of files within a folder.

                            User guide:

                            Displaying a folder to a Moodle course

                            Uploading multiple files to a Moodle course

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                            • Label

                              What is Label?

                              • Helps improve the appearance of a course.
                              • Text and multimedia to be inserted in between links to resources and activities.

                              Why Label?

                              • To split up a long list of resources and/or activities with a subheading or an image.
                              • To add a short description to a course section.
                              • To display an embedded sound file or video directly on the course page.

                              User guides:

                              Uploading a picture as the topic banner
                              Embedding YouTube video to course  

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                              • Page

                                What is Page?

                                • A link to a screen that displays the contents created by the teacher. 
                                • Can display many different kinds of contents, e.g., plain text, images, audio, video, embedded code or a combination of all these.

                                Why Page?

                                • Easy for displaying information.
                                • Easy for updating the contents.

                                User guide:

                                Creating a page content for student to read on screen

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                                • URL

                                  What is URL?

                                  • A URL (Uniform or Universal Resource Locator) is a link on the internet to a website or online file.

                                  Why URL?

                                  • Helps provide students with web links for different resources.
                                  • Saves the student time and effort in manually typing out the URL address.

                                  User guide:

                                  Sharing a web link (URL)

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                                  • Assignment

                                    What is Assignment?

                                    • Allows teachers to collect work from students, review it and provide feedback including grades. 
                                    • The work students submit is visible only to the teacher and not to the other students unless a group assignment is selected.

                                    Why Assignment?

                                    • Easy for submission of online assignments (e.g., files or text).
                                    • Enables submission of individual and group assignments.
                                    • Allows students to make changes to their assignments before the due date.

                                    User guides:

                                    Creating an online text assignment submission link
                                    Creating an assignment for a file submission
                                    Creating an assignment for online text and file submission
                                    Creating an assignment for multiple files submission
                                    Creating an assignment for group submission

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                                    • Chat

                                      What is Chat?

                                      • Allows participants to have a real-time synchronous discussion.

                                      Why Chat?

                                      • Useful for online discussions.
                                      • Flexible meeting in which participants can meet online.

                                      User guide:

                                      Setting up a Chat room for online tutorial

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                                      • Choice

                                        What is Choice?

                                        • A teacher asks a question and specifies a choice of multiple responses.

                                        Why Choice?

                                        • As a quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic.
                                        • To test students' understanding promptly. 
                                        • To facilitate students' decision making about an issue.

                                        User guides:

                                        Creating a Choice activity
                                        Viewing and downloading the responses of a Choice activity

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                                        • Feedback

                                          What is Feedback?

                                          • Allows teachers to create and conduct surveys for the collection of feedback.
                                          • Question types include, but not limited to, multiple choice questions, numeric answers, and short text answers.
                                          • Can create your own questions.

                                          Why Feedback?

                                          • The anonymity function encourages feedback responses.
                                          • Feedback can be shown to teachers only or all students.
                                          • Useful for course evaluation.
                                          • Useful for surveying choices by asking multi questions.

                                          User guides:

                                          Feedback settings (
                                          Adding questions to Feedback (


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                                          • Forum

                                            What is Forum?

                                            • Both students and teachers can exchange ideas by creating topics and posting comments. 
                                            • There are 5 different forum types for selection.
                                            • Forum posts can be graded by teachers.

                                            Why Forum?

                                            • Supports collaborative learning between teachers and students and/or among students.
                                            • Convenient for asynchronous discussions. 

                                            User guides:

                                            Creating a discussion forum
                                            Posting to a discussion forum
                                            Replying to a discussion topic

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                                            • Glossary

                                              What is Glossary?

                                              • Enables teachers and students to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary.
                                              • The entries can be searched or browsed in different formats. 
                                              • A glossary can be a collaborative activity or be restricted to entries made by the teacher.

                                              Why Glossary?

                                              • Supports collaborative learning between teachers and students and/or among students.
                                              • Convenient for sharing information.

                                              User guide:

                                              Creating a Glossary activity (A dictionary style)

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                                              • Group Choice

                                                What is Group Choice?

                                                • Students are able to enroll themselves to groups created by the teacher.
                                                • Teachers can limit the number of students in each group.

                                                Why Group Choice?

                                                • Make sure even distribution of students in each group.

                                                User guide:

                                                Creating Group choice in Moodle for students self enroll to groups

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                                                • Quiz

                                                  What is Quiz?

                                                  • Allows teachers to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple-choice, true-false, and short answer questions. 
                                                  • These questions are kept in the Question bank and can be re-used in different quizzes.
                                                  • Each attempt is marked automatically, except essay questions. 

                                                  Why Quiz?

                                                  • Test students' understanding of topics.
                                                  • For self-assessment.
                                                  • For immediate delivery of feedback about performance.

                                                  User guides:

                                                  Creating multiple choice questions in Question bank
                                                  Creating an online Quiz paper
                                                  Adding questions to the Quiz paper
                                                  Quiz settings (
                                                  Building question to Quiz (

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                                                  • Scheduler

                                                    What is Scheduler?

                                                    • Teachers can use Scheduler to set up time slots for planning face-to-face meetings between teachers and students. 

                                                    User guides:

                                                    Scheduler settings (

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                                                    • Turnitin Assignment

                                                      What is Turnitin Assignment?

                                                      • An online system integrated with the University's e-learning platform Moodle.
                                                      • Provides similarity checking on students' assignments.
                                                      • The assignment submitted by each student is visible to teachers only.

                                                      Why Turnitin Assignment?

                                                      • Easy for teachers and students to identify the percentage of similarity of submitted assignments.
                                                      • Allows teachers to provide feedback towards students' assignments.

                                                      User guides:

                                                      Originality Check
                                                      Creating a Turnitin assignment (Late and re-submissions are allowed)
                                                      Creating a Turnitin assignment (Late and re-submissions are not allowed)
                                                      Downloading Turnitin originality report current view
                                                      Feedback Studio
                                                      Adding an Inline Comment to Turnitin assignment
                                                      Adding Bubble Comment to Highlight Text
                                                      Adding Bubble Comment to Turnitin assignment
                                                      Adding a Strikethrough Line to Selected Text
                                                      Adding General comment used by Text to student’s assignment
                                                      Adding General Comment used by Voice to student’s assignment
                                                      Reuse the frequently used comment
                                                      Create Your Own QuickMark Set (Folder)
                                                      Adding QuickMarks comment to student’s assignment
                                                      Connecting Turnitin app in iPad for adding QuickMark comment to student’s assignment
                                                      Creating a Grading Form
                                                      Attaching a Grading form to Turnitin assignment
                                                      Grading student’s assignment used by Grading form

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                                                      • Wiki

                                                        What is Wiki?

                                                        • Enables students to add and edit the writing.
                                                        • Can be collaborative wiki (with everyone being able to edit it) or individual wiki (only the person is able to edit it).

                                                        Why Wiki?

                                                        • Promotes collaborative writing. 
                                                        • Allows knowledge creation and enhancement. 
                                                        • Traces the history of collaborations among participants.

                                                        User guide:

                                                        Creating a collaborative Wiki

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                                                        • Workshop

                                                          What is Workshop?

                                                          • Enables self assessment and peer assessment. 
                                                          • Each student has grades and feedback: for their own work and their peer assessments of other students' work.

                                                          Why Workshop?

                                                          • Increases students' own awareness of using evaluation criteria to their work. 
                                                          • Assists students to develop their abilities in assessment.

                                                          User guides:

                                                          Workshop and its settings (

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