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Transition of Ensemble to Panopto

Transition of Ensemble to Panopto

by Moodle Administrator LTTC -
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Please note that there will be a migration of the video hosting platform from Ensemble to Panopto on 1-Mar-2022.

From 1-Jan-2022, the Ensemble video portal ( will no longer support video uploading.  However, full library of video contents and statistical data will be kept in the user accounts until 31-Aug-2022.   

On 1-Mar-2022, all videos residing in the Ensemble video portal (including video links) will be automatically migrated to Panopto.  In-video quizzes will not be migrated. At this stage access to videos residing in the Ensemble video portal (including video links), together with the video statistical data, will not be affected.

Ensemble video portal service will come to an end on 30-Apr-2022, and video statistical data for report generation will be restarted on Panopto.   

Ahead of the migration, you can use Panopto via  Panopto has already been integrated with Moodle. For more information about how to use Panopto please visit :

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)/Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC)